Products: Real and delicious, not blended.

This is not a Kona blend! Our beans are grown on the Big Island of Hawaii in the Kona district. I continue to be amazed by Kona's perfectly balanced, soft, sweet and full bodied flavor. Coupled with the heritage of Kona's growers, a cup of Kona is a rare find for a select few. We purchase from a local wholesale roaster and are the exclusive distributor of his 100% Kona online. This is how we have such great prices.

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      My promise to you is simple:

      I will only sell 100% Grown Kona Coffee Beans. Only the best. I do not sell unpalatable "Kona blends" and pass these beans off at premium prices.

      This bean is uniquely versatile - it is equally good with any additive: milk, in an americano, or as a straight shot of Espresso. It produces wonderful creme and is absolutely delicious. The acidity balances with the body are pretty much perfect and I am confident you will agree.

      All bags are hand-packed in vacuum valve re-sealable bags (bag color may vary).

      This coffee is served and sold in the finest restaurants in Orlando, FL. This same exact coffee is sold for $40 for a 12 ounce a bag but you get a FULL pound for a HUGE discount!

      Espresso Roast or GREEN 100% Kona Coffee is available by special request. Send us a message when you place your order. Shipping will take slightly longer for special orders. We also require a 5 pound minimum order for a special request order.


      Send us a message and we will be happy to work out a GREAT deal on larger orders.